ISDS Glen 280433

Sire R Goligher's Craig Dam GS Harper's Peg

DNA tested Normal for CEA/CH

DNA tested Normal for TNS

Eye tested clear of cPRA, PLL and CEA

Hip score 3:4

Finally, thanks to Sue James, I have some really nice photos of Chance. Thanks Sue! You can click on Chance to go to Sue's site.

At last. A picture of Chance looking handsome, lol.

Chance is showing great potential on sheep, he is willing to please, extremely brave and powerful and very biddable too! He is starting to show a little class and he looks like he will be a great shedding dog. He works on his feet all the time and keeps things moving but also holds himself off when necessary.

I have now started using Chance at work. He is the kind of dog which can learn on the job as he is very keen to do the right thing. He may never be a trial dog but he is certainly a very useful work dog and is improving all the time. His first contract job was helping Mist, Ffi and I bring in 1000 lambs split into about 8 lots. These lambs do not see a dog between my visits and are therefore worse than most lambs are! Chance was initially a bit surprised by their behaviour but once he realised what the job was he did his best to help out and I was really pleased with him.

Chance pushing cast ewes up the pens to the shedder. Chance is terrific at this job and keeps them packed up with no commands from me.

Chance has a extremely friendly and kind temperament, he is excellent with children, other dogs and cats. He is very loyal and is not an easy dog to photograph due to the fact he is nearly always sat beside me staring at me adoringly!! As my friend said when she saw him "oh my, he is the most stunningly handsome red dog I've ever seen", I'd have to agree and add that his photos don't do him justice!

Chance is not sound sensitive.

Chance is an absolute pleasure to own and work.

Chance is a litter brother to Scott Anderson's Bill who was in the D&K Nursery Team and won the Gatehouse of Fleet Nursery Trial. Bill is a dog I had admired all season so I was very pleased to have aquired Chance. Hopefully he will be as good as his brother! A while after I got Chance I realised I know the man who bred his father, Steve Barry, and from speaking to people who know this dog he sounds like exactly my kind of dog, powerful with excellent sheep sense and natural ability. Craig was doing all of Steve's hill work by the time he was 18 months. Knowing the kind of dog Chance is this doesn't surprise me.

Chance also goes back to Eammon Lawless's Tweed who was Registered On Merit. Eammon tells me Tweed was the best dog he has ever had. He also goes back to many powerful dogs such as John Thomas's Don, Jock Welsh's Wattie and Craig, Wilton Goligher's Glen and Glen's father J. Patterson's York.

Chance was bred in Ireland and both his parents are very tough dogs.

Click here to see Chance's brother Davy Gilchrist's Bob at the Nursery Final. Bob reminds me strongly of Chance in terms of attitude and working style. They don't look very similar but have the same genuine nature with plenty of work in them.

Chance is available at limited stud to approved bitches.

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