Chance x Ffion

Born 3 May 08


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These puppies all have homes.

This is Ffi's last litter. Her previous progeny are doing extremely well and many of them have been placed in and won sheep dog trials. Ffi herself has been very sucessful on the trial field considering she has to contend with a novice handler. As well as representing Scotland at the the International in the Young Handlers class, she has won and been placed in Open trials with large entries and has run in the Scottish National 3 times already, all being well she is well qualified to run this year too and every year until she retires. Ffi is also a reliable and honest work dog and tremendous outrunner. There is more information about her on her page.

Chance is a good young dog who has proven himself to have everything I desire in a dog. He has plenty of power and guts and has a nice way with sheep. He is a geniune dog with an outstanding temperament.

These puppies are genetically normal for CEA/CH and TNS. They will be rough coated and should be prick eared. They will all carry the brown and tan point genes from their father.

These pups are bold confident pups and the photos aren't great because I hardly had time to point the camera before they are at my feet!

Today the puppies had a special treat. We went to visit my parents, who happen to have 1/2 and acre of manicured lawn to run around on. Mist's pups will be going there tomorrow as they are going to the vet, so I thought I'd take Ffi's with me today.

Firstly, they were very annoyed about being put in the van! Wee Lad particularly complained the whole way there - and back!!

Chance making a sharp exit - wise in view of the amount of noise his children are going to make. I think Ffi just broke the news to him that he'd fathered 7 pups, he isn't as keen to face up to his responsibilities as Ghost is!!

You can run but you can't out run us AND take photos, ha ha!


Nia winning a race at last! Nia is staying at Corrie Dhu

Snip will be doing agility and some sheep work in The Netherlands.

Tarn will be doing Working Trials in the UK.

Front Tarn, second Dark Face, third Try, fourth Wee Lad, fifth Snip, bringing up the rear Nia!

Nia and Snip

Ruth will be staying at Corrie Dhu

Rosie will be doing agility.



Try. Try is trying to hitch a lift to Canada to be a sheep dog!

Wee Lad escaping the jungle and will also be a sheep dog in Scotland.



Video 1. The four pups in this video at the beginning are Nia, Snip, Wee Lad and Tarn or Try (!).


Video 2 begins with everyone except Wee Lad who is playing with the toys in the bed, and Dark Face who comes into view at the bottom a couple of times.


Video 3


Video 4 Rosie playing with the ball towards the end.


Video 5


Video 6 Begins with Snip on the right then Wee Lad doing a recall as fast as his little legs will go!


Video 7 Rosie doing a recall


Video 8 Is Snip and

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