Canen Elsie
Canen Elsie

Eryri Roy x Titch

Born 6th October 2006

DNA tested Normal for TNS

DNA tested Normal for CEA

Hips - 3:4

Elsie is now with my good friend Louise working on a Conservation Grazing project in the South of England. Elsie will return to Corrie Dhu to rear her litter of pups to Chance.

Elsie is an extremely classy and natural bitch with plenty of power and "go". She has an absolutely great temperament and nothing phases her. She is brilliant with other dogs and extremely tolerant.

Elsie is small but don't let her size fool you, she is a speed demon and as tough as old boots.

I always have an appreciative audience when training dogs!

This photo was taken the first time I had Elsie out, and at one point she was nose to nose with this tup with him reversing backwards at high speed. I was so surprised at his behaviour I thought the line was some how caught on him and he was pulling Elsie back, but no, she just wanted him to move, so he did! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures at that point because I thought she was about to be bashed into the middle of next week, Hebridean tups have very big horns, hard heads and can be very aggressive when the mood takes them! Not ideal for training young dogs but I am stuck with them at home at the moment due to the F&M.

I don't seem to be very good at taking pics of red dogs since both Elsie and Chance are much more attractive in the flesh than the photos ever show!!


This video has not been edited. It shows Elsie from the moment I let her go (this was the first training session of the day) and her settling down. The sheep are not overly dogged pet sheep, they are shetland and shetland cross rams.


Elsie a bit further on in her training.

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