ISDS: 260359

3 April 2002 - 7 August 2011

DNA Tested Normal for CEA/CH

DNA tested Clear of TNS and CL

Current Clear cPRA test. (21/08/04 and 27/2/07)

Hip Score 0:2 total 2

approx 23 inches to the withers. 22kgs in hard working condition.

Progeny 1 . Progeny 2 . Progeny 3 . Progeny 4

At 8yrs of age Ghost has become a cattle dog. He is as fearless facing cattle as any other stock.

Now Lady, there's two ways to play this. My way, or MY WAY! (Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!)

People say strong dogs need a year for each leg to settle down, Ghost at five, is finally, almost, settling down. He is still a real tough nut to handle and he always wants to push everything too fast and, come on too hard and fight me most of the way. However, in 2007 year he has been my main lambing dog. Our first contract lambing is Texel x Blackie ewes in lamb to a texel tup. These ewes are tough and since they are in lamb to a texel, the vast majorty need assistance so there is a lot of work for the dogs, and me!

Ghost having some time off to babysit!

Ghost was my first ever ISDS pup. I had only owned one other BC before Ghost. My first dog Loeki was a failed sheep dog and very hard to handle, Ghost has been a victim of my inexperience. I have given up thoughts of trialing him at the moment as he is so pushy and keen to get on with the job. He is a tremendous work dog with as much stamina, power and pure guts as anyone could ask for!

He is a slate merle, as opposed to a blue merle like Ffion because his patches and pigmentation are blue, not black. Confused? not surprised! Ffion, blue merle - black patches, black pigment, Ghost, slate merle - blue patches, blue pigment. Slate is the dilution of black.

In both looks and talent, Ghost is very like his Grandfather - Sadghyl Pip. However, Pip was a small dog and Ghost is enormous!

This is Sadghyl Pip, photo courtesy of Jackie Goulder.

Sheep rarely dare to challenge Ghost, when they do, he walks straight into them and usually they realise they have met their match. I don't work with cattle but he has the power and guts to move an elephant!

Ghost facing up to a very angry hogg with her new lamb, lambing 2005.

Ghost has an excellent temperament, a big friendly lump with people and children. He does not believe in wasting energy and he is the easiest dog I've ever met to have around. He only wakes up when there is work to be done and then he will work tirelessly all day. He is quick to learn and keen to please. His puppies so far have inherited his calm out look on life and general wonderfulness ;-)

Ghost is not available at public stud. If you are interested in an ISDS puppy by Ghost email me.


Ghost moving a hogg with her lamb.


Ghost gathering some singles. He crossed the stream and I made him come back but he was quite right as some had gone up the hill, I couldn't see because of looking through the view finder!!

Ghost proving he can, occasionally, go steadily!

Visit Ghost's litter brother, "Astra Rust at Casa d'Arínia" (Glen) in Portugal!

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