Ghost x Cailleag Litter Growing Up

Puppies growing up...

Ghost x Cailleag Born 2nd May 2006


Wisp is going to be an obedience dog.

His owner says this about him:

Wisp gets so much attention because he looks so unusual. 'He's like a badger,' some say if they look at his speckled side. I thought he was odd at first but now I think he is beautiful. Wisp is a wonderful pup - I'm sure he's been here before!
He was born just wanting to please and is very quick to learn - but make no mistake, he is no push over. He doesn't get too many opportunities to misbehave, so that helps. He is basically very calm, but thoughtful [in the thinking sense], though he is full of fun and energy and enjoys nothing more than a good game with us or the other dogs. He isn't phased by anything - new things are considered, watched or listened to, and after that are of no further consequence. Not a nervous pup at all - just aware. Wisp is definitely a really super lad with a very sound temperament, a quick mind and a very promising future. We are very fortunate to have him!

Wisp has passed the Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme!


Quiz flew to Germany with her new owner, and she is looking forward to a career in agility. How beautiful is she!!


Asha is destined for agility and flyball. Her owner says this:

Asha is a beautiful, intelligent, happy, bold and
super motivated pup. Like her dad Ghost Asha is simply an X-factor pup. We've
recently started KC bronze obedience classes and every week she gives me
a 110% so keen to learn its a pleasure working with her. As an active
member of Clatto Clangers flyballers, Asha has great fun attending
training just to watch right now and gets lots of cuddles from fellow
flyballers. Although to young for proper flyball training we're working
on the ground work and she's picking the basics up super quick. At a
recent flyball demo Asha had a limelight moment in the display ring before the main
teams ran to show how to introduce pups to the tennis ball and some
basic exercises. Asha loved every moment and proudly showed of her
retrieve skills. Asha approaches everything in life with is a happy
adventurous attitude, very much like her mum Cailleag. Watch this space
for a future flyball star! Update Asha has passed the Bronze and is starting training for the Silver KCGC.

Asha has passed the Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme!

Update - Asha now has her own page!


Click above to watch Asha in action!!

Asha learns to weave!


Husky is staying with his breeder, Angus. Click here to go to Husky's own page.

Husky is an extremely laid back chap, rather like his Dad! He is a very friendly and confident pup with the looks to match his gorgeous personality.


Ace is destined for agility. Ace will be competing very soon. His owner says this:

Ace is very mature for his age and is very keen to please. He is easy to motivate and has a very loving and loyal temperament. Built for speed I think he will be lightning fast once he grows up!


Note the poser head tilt, she gets that from her Dad!

Her owner says this:

She is coming on fine, attached to me and plays with Shell (my other dog)
loves children and people. We have a clay pigeon shooting ground - no problems with
gunshot - in fact she never even acknowleged it, just kept playing.
We start the tracking process by lots of play and finding things - she can
now find her ball in grass/heather over a few yards and enjoys this. Can sit,
lie, and "wait" too - all for reward of her ball. Good in the car, just

Jean and a pal.

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