Ghost x Molly 2007

pups growing up.

Pictures will be added as new owners send them (hint hint!)


Echo and his new friend posing with Ghost before they home. I think Ghost is slightly worried about being upstaged by sweet child and cute puppy combo ;-) Echo will be trying his paw at obedience and agility as well as being a much loved family member.

Echo's new owner says this about him:

Echo has started his silver Good Citizen Award, out of the 13 dogs in the class only 3 were not held on their recall Echo was one and the other two are doing their gold award so are older and more advanced than him.

Getting a bit bigger!


Badger has gone on a very special mission to Pennyhooks Farm in Wiltshire. As well as being their new cattle dog, he will also be helping students with Autism who come to the farm to learn valuable life skills. There are high expectations to fullfill but so far it looks like Badger is taking everything in his stride.

Here Badger is demonstrating that liking mud and water is genetic!


Blaze has gone to try his paw at Agility. More about Blaze coming soon.


Emmy has gone to do agility, here she is with her new friends!

Her owner says this about her:

Emmy is brill, even my husband keeps saying so (which is definitely something!). We took her to a final with Tig on sunday and she sat by the ring. She is behaving REALLY well and making all the dogs play with her AND cuddling up with Tig in when they are outside.

Dylan training Emmy (Emmy training Dylan??)


Dark is going to be a sheep dog. More about him soon.


More about Marley soon.

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