Ghost x Neela

Born 16 May 08

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Cesan is going to do working trials.

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Sue sends this update about him -

Cesan had his very first tracking lessons today. Barrie starts them off with 4 separate short, straight legs.

The first at 5 yards, then 10 yards, 15 yards and the last 20 yards. Always starting off from a white pole marker. Tracks are double layed and scuffed with the feet to start with. Pieces of chicken placed on the track every other step with a "pot" of chicken at the end of the track. He usually repeats this exercise on different ground 2-3 times daily for the first week.

It was the first time Cesan had had a tracking harness on and line.

He started off from the first pole, having already wind-scented the bits of cooked chicken on the track and pulling to go ! Barrie showed him the track and pointed the way until he got the first food and then the second, after that he did not need to point but kept Cesan on a very short line, close up to him.

This was repeated on track/leg 2.

By leg 3 Cesan knew what to expect and took a little more line. After each leg (each was about 30 yards apart) Barrie took the line off and let Cesan walk freely back to the back of the track lines. Each time, Cesan chose to track back up the leg he had just come from in case there was any chicken left !

At track 3, he decided he could not wait for Barrie, went back up the leg he had just come down, then tracked barrie's footfall to track 4 (unaided) and before Barrie could stop him to put the line back on he swiftly proceeded down track 4 by himself! Barrie did follow him but allowed him to go without putting the line back on.

Needless to say he knew the score by now and having polished up the last pot of chicken, then went back to each of the tracks to make absolutely sure nothing had been missed !

This afternoon the whole exercise was repeated further down the same field. The grass is longer than we would like to start off and there was less breeze then Barrie would like when starting off, as in the beginning you track into the wind, so that the scent is blowing towards the dog, making it easier for them to pick it up.

As soon as Cesan saw the line of poles he knew what was expected and could not wait to get out to them. When Barrie arrived at each pole, he had to restrain him before clipping the tracking line onto the harnass otherwise he would have again gone off without his handler !

This time Barrie had left more space between each treat and Cesan tracked like a veteran, pulling into the harness, head down, full concentration, tail down and giving the perfect outline ! What a little star.

LeeLoo is going to do agility.

Cloud is going to be a sheep dog when she grows up. What a pretty girl!



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