Ghost x Kip

Ghost x Kip


Born 15 July 06

Puppies grown up!


Dru has gone to live in Canada with my good friend Louanne who already has CorrieDhu Isla. Dru will be a sheep dog when she is a little older. Dru is growing into a beautiful young lady and she reminds me strongly of her father Ghost.


Brock has gone to live in Canada with my friend Penny. Brock will be a sheep dog when he is a bit older. Brock is turning into a handsome young man and he is very like his mother Kip. Angus says you should always chose a dog like the mother and a bitch like the father, looks like these two fit the bill! Penny says this about him:

Wee Brock got to try his hand (paw) on sheep on Saturday and again today and did very well. There was a noticeable improvement today over yesterday. He stayed off his sheep nicely, changed direction when I did and wasn't an idiot when told to lie down when it was over. He got the idea pretty quick.

Brock competing at Buffalo Trial


Eze has gone to live with Dave and Christina in England. Eze is going to do a bit of everything except sheep. Eze sends this update -

I’m just writing to say that I went to my first Heelwork-to-Music competition yesterday (I was working Novice Freestyle) and I won! Mum’s delighted and Dad has told me how clever I am and well done for being such a good boy. I tried really hard and although I was a little excitable this was because Mum was being odd (I overheard her say something about her being very nervous because it was my first competition – I’m not sure why… we’ve been to lots of other things and I’ve always tried to be good.) Anyway Mum keeps smiling, telling me how clever I am and giving me cuddles and kisses (I’m coping with those… if it makes her happy!) Our next competition is in February so I’ll let you know how we get on. If we come first or second we’ll have enough points to move into Intermediate Mum says. She also says that there is a video of the day but is waiting to see if we do any better in February (ie. slightly tidier routine) before deciding which video to buy and then she’ll put it onto the web-site so you can see (well she won’t, even I know she’s not good with computers, but I think Dad will.)

We also went to a fun agility competition last week. It was fun! Apparently ‘through’ means go through ANY tunnel, not just ours… that was new to me! Also, I’ve learnt the hand signal for ‘hang on a minute, Mum needs to hitch her jeans up’ – she has promised me that she’ll wear better trousers in future! I’m far too fast to be hanging around. We’re both still learning but it’s great fun J We’re also doing competitive obedience but Mum says it will be a while before we compete at that – heelwork is so BORING when you’re at a show and there are so many other things that are far more interesting!

Anyway, lots of love,




Kyp lives with Jo and does agility. Jo says this about him.

Kyp is growing up to be a fantastic dog. He is intelligent beyond his years and very quick to learn (the good and the bad). He works tirelessly and focuses totally on any task he is given trying so hard to please, this makes him a real pleasure to train. He is packed with personality and constantly makes me laugh. He is also kind and affectionate but is totally unaware what an enormous body he has and how much bigger it is than my lap! Kyp is the most promising agility dog I have ever worked or trained and won the class with his first run at his first kennel club show. He is my boy in a million and I'm really looking forward to the years of fun ahead of us.

June 08 Jo sends this update -

Thought I'd give you a quick update on the show progress - this weekend I had one of the best shows of my life. I was lucky enough to come home with 9 rossettes from 11 classes five of which were Kyp's. He outperformed my wildest expectations and unplaced in just one class! We came 14th in grade 3 agility,7th in grade 1 to 3 agility, 2nd in grade 1 to 3 jumping, 2nd in grade 3 to 4 agility and 2nd in grade 3 to 4 jumping, not bad for a beginner. Typical as it was the first week I didn't take the camera!

Click here to visit Kyp's own page.



Dusk now lives with my good friend Keith. Dusk is destined for the trial field and Keith says this about him:

Due to health problems (mine not his) and the loss of my training field I had to stop training Dusk for a while. However I am now back and fit and have resumed his training!

Dusk is now a very
big dog, he has filled out a lot. He is not the most well co-ordinated, as
he is a typical teenage lad. He is clumsy and bumps into things. But he
has energy to burn.

After a reasonable training session some dogs
just wilt. People say that present day dogs do not have a lot of stamina
and I have to agree. On the basis they do not have the work to do that
their predecessors had, and that stamina does not appear to be a high
priority in some modern day breeding programmes. Thankfully that does not
apply to Dusk, he will run forever.

On this new training field I do not have a key for the gate, so the dogs
have to jump the fence ( Or I have to lift them over, ha ha ) I showed Dusk
what I wanted him to do and he thought it was great. Now he delights in
jumping every fence or five barred gate he comes across. ( Whether I want
him to or not sometimes) He is already off the line and working in the big
field and doing very well.

One of the really nice things about Dusk is his lovely nature. He is friends
with everybody and desperate to please in all that he does.
On our twice daily exercise sessions we often have to walk through areas
containing sheep that are not mine. A simple heel command is enough to get
him to walk through the middle of a flock if necessary in excellent control.

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