Eye tested clear for cPRA

Loeki is a tri-blue merle Border Collie dog, I got him from rescue in 1999 when he was about 8 months old. He had already had 8 homes in that time and was very nervous.

Although he was a failed sheep dog, I decided I wanted to try and train him, the decision to do this has changed my life and his completely. He was very fast, and very strong. He had lots of problems. There were times when I thought he would never get any better, not helped by several people telling me he was a waste of space who would never be trained. I'm really quite glad people were negative about him because it made me more determined to prove them wrong. After about a year of getting nowhere fast...well the sheep were going far too fast...and in the wrong directions...

something clicked.

Loeki was a powerful dog with very little eye, consequently he was quite hard to handle. He was an honest dog and a real trier who always did his best for me. He was a great asset when pushing sheep through the race and loading them into the trailer.

Loeki's best quality was that he would never back down. (We were well matched in the stubborn stakes)

Jumping was another of his talents

And retrieving

Moving some Shetlands off the wall they were hiding on.

Loeki loved to work, it was like therapy to him and transformed him from a nervous wreck to a dog who was not noticeably nervous to most people. He was never a trial dog but getting Loeki shaped my life to the way it is now.

Then of course, I was hooked on sheep and sheepdogs, and away we went.

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