March 09

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25th March Midge est arrivé !

At long LONG last Midge the Pyrenean is here! She is in short, absolutely everything I desired in a Pyrenean and I must say thank you so much to my friend Nathalie for doing such a good job rearing her for me. After a long journey by car, ferry, train and van, Midge is settling in well at Corrie Dhu.

On her third day here we tried her on sheep twice, and she is interested already. At one point she held a single really well, and I think she will be a very useful sheep dog as well as a lovely family pet. Her manners and temperament are impeccable and she is a joy to have around.

Also had Evie and Nia on the sheep today. Evie is now very keen and needs some discipline, Nia is starting to take an interest. So all in all a sucessful day!

31th March Well done Breac!

Well done to Louise and CorrieDhu Breac (Ghost x Tammy) for being third in a cradle trial back in February.

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