ISDS: 265627

8 February 2003 - 17 October 2013

Hip Score 6:13

DNA tested CEA/CH Normal

DNA tested TNS Normal

Current clear cPRA test




You want him caught? Just say the word Boss.

Mist holding a lamb while I feed the other lamb off the ewe.

Mist holding tups off the troughs.

Mist droving twins.

Mist has had quite an exciting life so far. Her first taste of TV work was when we worked on an advert for golf balls which featured John Cleese. We were in charge of making the sheep act the way they wanted them for the advert and this included them chasing John in the final scene. Mist didn't actually get to be IN the advert, their loss!

The funniest part was the first night I was there desperately trying to train the sheep as they had never seen a dog in their lives. While I was working the dogs a group of people walked past and a tall thin man with a bobble hat started asking me questions about Mist, and taking pictures of her. It wasn't until quite some time had passed that I realised we were talking to the legendary John Cleese and he was taking pics of my dog who happened to be sat in a water trough at the time!!

Mist has worked with a very dog phobic child and literally changed her life by showing that dogs can be friendly and very well behaved. During out visits to the child's school Mist was often surrounded by 30 children all desperate to pat her, and she is always completely gentle and kind.

Mist also represented Scotland on One Man and His Dog in 2006 and despite me letting her down big style she did her very best and we won the team event. Stardom has not gone to her head and she is very down to earth! She is however available for pawtographs for a very reasonable fee ;-)

Mist helping me babysit!

Mist is Ghost's half sister, they have the same mother. I got Mist because Ghost was proving to be such a good dog. However Mist and Ghost are nothing alike, they both take after their fathers who are very different breeding. Mist's father Rex was a good hill dog and an Open trial dog. Funnily enough a matter of weeks after getting Ghost, I saw a stunning red dog working at Skipton Market. I thought I would really like a dog like that one. It wasn't until I had Mist I realised that the red dog was her father!

Both of Mist's parents are brown, however they both carry the dilute gene, which is why Mist is such an unusual colour. This colour, which is the dilute gene working on brown is known as a Lilac and she is a tri, so is a Lilac Tri. Mist is quite rare being a combination of three recessive genes (brown, dilute and tan points/tri colour). She is mainly referred to as "yer broon yin" at dog trials however!

Holding Suffolk ewes off the troughs on a snowy March morning. Mist is my main dog. She and Ffi make a good team and work well together.

Mist taking the drove of 850 ewes down the track to the farm. Even on unfamiliar tracks and roads she instinctively knows when the sheep are trying to break at a gateway and covers it without a command from me. She took this flock of sheep several miles from the hill back to the handling pens without a single command.

Almost there.

Convincing a straggler, there is really only one option.

As a work dog I've seen none to rival Mist. She is also proving to be a useful trial dog.

Holding ewe hoggs off the road to allow traffic to pass.

Whether it's holding Texel and Suffolk tups back from the feed troughs or kepping lost lambs at the back of the flock at lambing time, Mist is the dog for every job. Her aim in life is to please me and she will do absolutely anything I need her to. She is very useful at holding sheep up for young dogs and will stay put until I need her help, a very difficult thing for a dog to do, but she understands the job and waits patiently (well I don't know if she feels very patient about but she does wait!!)


Trial results

23 August 2004 Mist gets third place in a Novice trial on hill park ground. Her first time out!


July 2005 Mist is Third at Netherhill Open hill trial.

August 2005 Mist wins the Best Hill Dog Type cup at Glen Devon Sheep Dog Trial.

September 2005 Mist is 6th at Catterick Open Sheep Dog Trial.

October 2005 Mist is 10th at Netherhill Open Hill Trial.


July 2006 Mist is 5th at Broadgair Hill Open Trial.

July 2006 Mist is 1st at Netherhill Open Hill Trial. (No National points)

August 2006 Mist is 5th at Dalmellington Open Sheep Dog Trial.

September 2006 Mist is 4th at Netherhill Open Hill Trial (No National points)


May 2007 Mist is 3rd at Lesmahago Open Trial

10 June 2007 Mist is 3rd at Broadgair Hill Open Trial.


March 08 Mist is 6th at Broadgair Hill Open Trial.


May 09 Mist is 5th at Broadgair Hill Open Trial.

August 09 Mist is 3rd at Glen Clova Trial. (No National points).


May 2010 Mist is 5th at Netherhill.

May 2010 Mist is 5th at Broadgairhill II

June 2010 Mist is 6th Netherbrae III

September 2010 Mist is 7th Lockerbie & District. Also cup for best hired shepherd.


May 2012 Mist is 9th at Kinross Open SDT and also best woman handler.


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