Spot and Mist pups are a week old already!

The white dog really makes me laugh. While everyone else is asleep, he is first in for a feed. The rest wake up and satisfy themselves and he is STILL there guzzling away!

The darker of the two blue tri dogs. This little boy is the smallest but he is a little toughy. He has a really nice head already. This puppy has a home.

Black tri bitch. She is quite stunning already.

This is the whiter of the two bitches. Her tan is really coming through, very rich markings.

Blue tri dog. His tan is also really starting to show up now. This puppy has a home.

Blue tri bitch. This puppy has a home.

White tri dog. This puppy has earned the nick name "Bold" which is a kind of washing powder in the UK. He is sooo white and also enormous! I think he will be a real character.

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