17 August 07

CorrieDhu Mole 283544 (Mole) x Bryning Marble 283102 (Spark)

Puppies are here!

Two pups, both dogs, one blue tri and one black tri, both quite dark bodies and the black tri has a flashy white blaze and a lot of tan on his front legs.

These puppies are both spoken for.

Puppies are growing up fast and now respond to me calling them and are eating well. They have started exploring the living room and they have a game each they like to play. Never loves the BC draught excluder and spends quite a long time talking to him. Slate likes to run underneath the dresser, practicing for agility I think! Both boys are very friendly.



Socialising with Granny Mist, Great Granny Ffi, Uncle Ghost and mum Spark!

Never and Great granny Ffion.

Oops that's not mum!


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Early introduction to sheep, poor creature!




Mole is a pushy dog with plenty of power and guts. He has trained very fast and has a lot of natural ability. He has just enough eye and is fairly stylish but not sticky. He works on his feet all the time. He is gentle and kind away from sheep and very biddable.

Spark was a troubled young dog when she came to me however she is blossoming now and is progressing well in her training. She is quite a natural bitch and is brave. Spark is keen to please with plenty of stamina and trainability. Neither Mole or Spark are sound sensitive.

Mole's grandfather Bobby Dalziel's Spot won the Scottish National in 2004 and has got in the team three times. He has won numerous Open trials. Spot is a good work dog.

Mole's grandmother, my own Ffion has been placed in Open trials and won Carnwath Trial last year. Carnwath is the oldest sheep dog trial in Scotland. Ffion is also a good work dog.

Mole's father CorrieDhu Spot is now owned by Angus Jardine and is one of his three main work dogs. C. Spot represented D&K at the Border Cup.

Mole's mother, my own Mist is my main work dog and has also been placed in Open trials.

Spark's mother is a daughter of Sadghyl Pip who was a very powerful sheep dog as well as achieving his CDex and UDex in working trials. Ghost and Poppy are grandchildren of S. Pip and Molly is his daughter.

Spark's father is not a sheep dog however he goes back to some powerful cattle and sheep dogs. He has achieved his CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex. Jaff is DNA tested Normal for CEA/CH, has a hip score of 8:3 and is hearing tested normal.

Spark is also a half sister to Amanda Pigg's extremely sucessful Bryning Rise n Shine, and Joy Costello's also extremely successful Bryning Time to Shine. Two shining stars indeed!

These puppies will be rough coated tri colours. Both Mole and Spark have been DNA tested for TNS and are clear. Spark has not yet been DNA tested for CEA/CH however Mole is genetically normal for CEA/CH therefore these puppies cannot be affected by CEA/CH. Spark has been BAER hearing tested normal. Mole has been hip scored as 3:4 and Spark 2:2.

These puppies will be ISDS registered.

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