Quillan x Mist

Born 21 April 08


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The puppies are growing well and starting to be aware of their surroundings. They are a gorgeous chunky bunch with excellent pigment already.

Due to timewasters the brown merle bitch (Milly) is still waiting for her perfect home. Please do not email me unless you are seriously interested in this puppy.

First born, Brown (red) merle bitch. Milly has a lovely temperament and is laid back and very friendly. She is keen to please and a joy to have around. At this stage she looks like she will be prick eared.

Second born, Lilac bitch. Yes I am still this cute... Lace

Third born, Lilac dog venturing where no puppy has gone before!

Dotty takes no prisoners!

But he survives to tell the tale! Oki

Fourth born, Lilac merle bitch. Kirrie.

Last born, brown tri (red) dog. Greg loves cats but he couldn't eat a whole one. Well not before breakfast anyway!

Good morning!!



Honestly, we aren't drunk!

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