Nidderdale Silk

Lad K Gibson x Dusty K Gibson

DNA tested clear of CEA/CH

Silk was bred by my good friend Kim. She is a daughter of Lad, and her bitch Dusty. Dusty is an oddly coloured merle bitch and of course I wanted to have a merle pup, being rather into merles. However Dusty had other plans and had a whole litter of black and white ones. Still keen to have a pup since I liked both parents I got Silk. She is called Silk because she is "as smooth as silk". I called her Silk before I even got her home and she has so far lived up to her name as she is absolute class on sheep. Silk was seriously ill as a puppy and nearly died due to an intussusception which is when the bowel turns in on itself like a sock. She needed an emergency operation and was very ill in the vets for a week. She wasn't expected to survive the operation and then once she had the outlook was still bleak due to the prospect of wound breakdown and infection. She did however live to tell the tale and as you can see by her shiny coat she is now in tip top health.

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