CorrieDhu Swift

CorrieDhu Swift 273963

Sire Spot 262341 Dam Ffion 252593

DOB 3 December 2004

Breeder L Cunningham

Owner M Wussler

Eye tested "Unaffected" by CEA at 5 weeks of age

DNA tested Normal for CEA/CH

cPRA tested clear

Hips 4:4 total 8


Swift's mother is my own Ffion, and her father is Bobby Dalziel's talented Spot. Click on the underlined writing to see some photos of Spot.

Swift has a lot of natural ability including a good natural outrun.

She likes to work on her feet but does not seem to upset sheep. She is very wise for her years.

She is very classy with excellent balance and sheep sense.

Swift's First Big Job

Swift sizing up her first major solo job.

Moving 500 lambs from a grass field onto stubble turnips. This is the first time Swift has tackled such a large flock of sheep with or without the help of Ffi or Mist. Lambs are hard work for a dog because they are quite stubborn and reluctant to move. First of all I sent her to the right and everytime she wanted to come in and bring what was in front of her, I stopped her and walked up to her and flanked her back out.

Now she is getting the lambs well bunched up.

Taking her right flank well.

Back to the left to get some stragglers moving.

Kepping a single straggler!

Nearly there Swift.

Disaster! The lambs break (the lambs on this side have seen their friends going up the fence on the other side and break past the gate to try and join them). Swift lives up to her name and gets there quickly to stop them.

Swift gets to the danger point and holds the lambs on course for the gate.

Ta da... She's done it!

Ghost and Mist look on appreciatively (or more likely they are jealous that the whippersnapper managed it without their help!)

Video Clips

(These are just taken with my digital camera so the quality isn't great)


Here Swift is fetching some wild hoggs (last years lambs kept for breeding stock). They haven't seen much of a dog and are very hard to hold. I think she did pretty well working away without commands most of the time. She ran out about 600 yards to pick them up.


Here she is helping me bring in a few inlamb ewes because one has a prolapse. We've shed most of the flock off and as we get closer to the gate we let a few more go until we just have a few extras so the "patient" doesn't panic!


Safely into the pens.


Swift moving North Country Cheviot and Texel Tups.

Trial Results

February 2007 Swift is 8th at Moniave nursery trial.

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