Tammy 277386

Highfield Jamie 267204 x Jill 264948

DNA Tested Normal for CEA/CH

DNA Tested Clear for TNS

Current clear test for cPRA

Hips - 19:2

Carries the brown and dilute genes

Tammy works sheep and cattle. She is a tough little bitch and stands her ground with the most stubborn cows.

Tammy lived on a Dairy farm prior to me owning her, working with dairy cows can be a dangerous business for a dog. Subsequently she has damage to one of her hips which has been shown by x-ray. It hasn't put her off working cows however and even the night before she whelped she was still keeping the heifers in order!

Tammy is a free spirit having led a rather free range life style before I got her. She is kind and gentle, good with other dogs and loyal to her family.

Tammy has not been trained in the manner I would train her and is some what set in her ways as to how she thinks we should tackle any job. When I first got her she rounded up the heifers and then wouldn't let them go, I think because we hadn't milked them (!). She has strong opinions on the order in which things should be done and it's doubtful I will be able to change her ways now. I can gather sheep or cows with Tammy and she has a good outrun. However, everything is done her way, therefore she will never be a trial dog!

She is a nice dog to have around and has a very sweet and kind temperament. When in the house Tammy sleeps all the time. When outside she runs like the wind. Thankfully, she now comes back when I call her too!

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