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If you think you would like a Corrie Dhu Puppy please read the following information carefully BEFORE emailing me.


Puppies are only available to homes where the intention is to keep the puppy for it's whole life. If you cannot keep the puppy you must return it to me. I am aware people's circumstances change so I will not preach to anyone.

Under usual circumstances I will not export puppies outside the EU.

I will not send puppies to people who intend to co-own or send the dog away for training.

I do not wish dogs I have bred to be used only for breeding, or for that to be their first purpose in life. I expect the puppies I breed to have the same quality of life as their parents and to be working, sporting or pet dogs first and foremost.

I am looking for working homes or dog sport homes and active pet homes only. If you intend to breed from the dog I would like to know when you first enquire.

Border Collies are very cute but they can easily live for 15 years, often more and have the intelligence of a small child. They need to be mentally stimulated and exercised in the correct way to keep them happy.

Puppies are all registered with the ISDS. They are also eligible for UK KC registration if required. UK KC registration is also accepted by the FCI.

My dogs are vaccinated and regularly wormed with high quality wormer. They are fed a quality working dog food and I rear all puppies on quality puppy food.

My dogs are reared in the house as puppies and are therefore all house trained. They do not live in the house as adults as working dogs need their coats to be harsh and weather proof.

All puppies are reared in the house until at least 5 weeks of age. At this time they move out to a puppy pen (summer) or purpose built covered run (winter) to give them more space to move around and play. They are handled regularly and come back into the house every day. All puppies are handled by children, adults and are used to friendly cats and my adult dogs.

All my dogs are working dogs and therefore must be very sound in wind, limb and temperament. Due to working in all kinds oif situations my dogs are always meeting people, therefore I must have dogs who are sociable - they attract a lot of attention after all and people seem to think it's ok to walk up to them and pat them when I am not there. Some of my dogs have worked with disabled dog phobic children and some have been on TV several times.

I have Optigen DNA tested for CEA/CH all of my dogs.

I have also tested all breeding dogs for TNS (carried out by the University of New South Wales).

I have tested some dogs for CL but at the moment I feel it is not a common problem and will not test further dogs unless my opinion on this changes.

I have also hip scored my trained dogs and their scores can be seen on their pages. In the UK the hips are scored out of a total of 106, 53 per hip, the lower the score the better. The breed average in BCs is total of 14. My dogs are also eye tested for cPRA as is required for full registration of their progeny with the ISDS. It is my aim to breed healthy and sound dogs with good temperaments.

I only breed from dogs with:

Plenty of power, heart and a will to get the job done.

Excellent, loyal temperaments.

Healthy dogs with the stamina to work hard all day.

Laid back dogs with kind natures away from work.

Free moving dogs with enough eye to make them classy but not enough to make them sticky.


I do not like and would not breed from dogs who are:


Over excitable, highly strung and have no off switch.

Exhibit eye away from stock (ie eyeing vehicles, cats and other dogs).

Exhibit aggression towards other dogs, people or children.

Sound sensitive.


If you are still interested in a puppy please send me an email telling me about yourself including your full name, where you live (town/state and country) and what you intend to do with the dog. Please also tell me about children in your family, other family members and pets, whether you work or not, and if you live in a house or a flat.

Short emails without the required information will NOT be answered. If you cannot take the time to send me a detailed email, then you do not have the time for one of my puppies.

Due to time wasters I do not hold a waiting list, and will expect you to email me when the litter is born if you are still interested in a puppy. Puppies are available on a best situation for the puppy basis, not first come first served.



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