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1st April Happy Birthday to the Fools and the Blog!

Happy birthday to Ghost x Molly pups who were born on April Fools day.

Emmy, the only girl in a litter of 6 blue merles.


And here is a video of her in action!

I have also been keeping this blog for a whole year now.

2nd April BTV8 Vaccinations

All sheep have to be vaccinated for Blue Tongue by the end of the month so today Cameron and I set to work on my own sheep. They are a mixture of Pedigree Shetlands, Scottish Blackface and Texel x Blackies.

We also did all their feet so it took a few hours to do the 24 sheep. They are not in lamb.

3rd April Happy Birthday Ghost!

Ghost is 7 today. His very special birthday present hasn't arrived yet, but I am sure he will think it's worth the wait when it's eventually here.

He'll just have to content himself with a kiss from a gorgeous blonde in the meantime -

21st April Happy Birthday Ghost!

After a long wait Ghost's present is here! Ghost has always wanted a child of his own to play with, and now he's got one!


:Lucy Jessica born 12th April (Easter Sunday) at 2.43am weighing 8lbs.

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