Ghost x Molly

Ghost x Molly

See bottom of the page for recent pictures of these pups.

This litter was bred by Natalie Holtappel of Bryning Border Collies prior to me owning Molly.

I will be repeating this mating. Click here for more information.

These photographs belong to Natalie. Do not use them without permission.

Ghost and Molly's pups arrived overnight on the 21st May. Molly caught me on the hop slightly as she was 4 days early and had a very quick labour, she whelped very easily and is her usual relaxed and happy self with her babies.

We have...3 black and white boys, 1 black and white girl, 2 blue merle boys, 1 blue merle girl, 1 choc merle boy.

All these puppies are genetically normal for CEA/CH (since both Molly and Ghost have been DNA tested normal); they will all carry the dilute gene from their father and may also carry chocolate and/or tricolour.

These puppies are all spoken for.

The Boys

First born! Quillan came to CorrieDhu as a service pup.



The Girls

Puppies Growing Up

Eddy looking just like Dad!

Felix looking extremely determined!

His owner says this about him

He's coming on great, I couldn't be more pleased with him. His training is
going well, he now has sit, down, stand, wave, paw, hoop (jumping through
arms), right spin, left spin and through (legs) off voice command and hand
signal seperately. His stays are coming on though aren't completely solid
yet (needs hand signal to back up voice command still), and his heelwork is
to die for. After xmas he'll
start training properly, he'll be doing flyball and
agility. We're also going to venture off to a competitive
obedience class which is a first for me! but he seems to have a natural
aptitude for it so we'll give it a go!

Holly the goal keeper!!

Holly the very sucessful goal keeper!!

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