Kyp Me Ghosted

Kyp Me Ghosted AWB (KC name)

Sire: L Cunningham's Ghost Dam: A Jardine's Kip

Born 15th July 06

Breeder A Jardine

Owner Jo Thorpe


Kyp to his friends (and many fans!)

Jo says this about him.

Kyp is growing up to be a fantastic dog. He is intelligent beyond his years and very quick to learn (the good and the bad). He works tirelessly and focuses totally on any task he is given trying so hard to please, this makes him a real pleasure to train. He is packed with personality and constantly makes me laugh. He is also kind and affectionate but is totally unaware what an enormous body he has and how much bigger it is than my lap! Kyp is the most promising agility dog I have ever worked or trained and won the class with his first run at his first kennel club show. He is my boy in a million and I'm really looking forward to the years of fun ahead of us.

June 08-

Thought I'd give you a quick update on the show progress - this weekend I had one of the best shows of my life. I was lucky enough to come home with 9 rossettes from 11 classes five of which were Kyp's. He outperformed my wildest expectations and unplaced in just one class! We came 14th in grade 3 agility,7th in grade 1 to 3 agility, 2nd in grade 1 to 3 jumping, 2nd in grade 3 to 4 agility and 2nd in grade 3 to 4 jumping, not bad for a beginner. Typical as it was the first week I didn't take the camera! (At the tender age of 1 year and 11 months!)

June 08-

Just a quick update kyp had another great weekend.He came 1st in grade 1 to 4 jumping out of 260 dogs and was the only dog under 19 seconds. He then came 2nd in grade 1 to 4 helter skelter. On sunday he came 1st in grade 3 jumping and was the only dog under 25 seconds and last but not least he came 4th in grade 1 to 3 jumping.Quite a nice weekend really!

August 08 -

Kyp has had a rather good week at the Dogs In Need show.He managed to get 2 firsts in grade 3 jumping a second in grade 3 agility and an eigth in the pairs.That now moves him into grade 4. He would have won two more classes but for two novicy mistakes.The best bit though was that four classes during the week give points to qualify for the sunday grand final in the main arena.One of his firsts and his second were in the points class so we ended up in 22nd place out of 600 dogs for the combined grade 3 and 4 final.

September 08 -

The boy wonder strikes again and won another agility class yesterday, only one show left now don't want them to stop!

September 08 -

Last show of the season and out with a bang!

We won grade 3 agility yesterday by a whopping three and a half seconds! We also now qualify for a bronze agility warrant.


List of placings and wins 2008

MARCH 1st grade 1-3 jumping his first kc run

APRIL 4th grade 3 jumping

MAY Clear round grade 3-5 agility
Clear round grade 3-5 agility
Clear round grade 3-5 agility

JUNE 14th grade 3 agility
7th grade 1-3 agility
4th grade 1-3 jumping
2nd grade 3-4 jumping
2nd grade 1-4 helter skelter
2nd grade 3-4 agility
2nd grade 1-3 jumping
1st grade 1-4 jumping
1st grade 3 jumping

AUGUST 8th grade 3-5 pairs
4th grade 1-7 pairs
2nd grade 3 agility
1st grade 3 jumping
1st grade 3 jumping
1st grade 3 agility
Also qualified for the dogs in need genesis grade 3-4 final

SEPT 1st grade 3 agility
1st grade 3 agility
1st grade 3 agility

List of placings and wins 2009

1st grade 1 -7 helter skelter
Clear grade 4 agility
4th grade 3-5 agility
1st grade 3-4 jumping
1st grade 4 jumping

Clear grade 4 agility
7th grade 3-5 agility

2nd grade 4-5 jumping
1st grade 3-4 jumping
4th grade 3-4 jumping
1st grade 4 jumping

1st grade 3-4 agility
1st grade 5 jumping(this was his first grade 5 run)


1st grade 5 jumping
5th grade 5 agility


3rd grade 1-7 helter skelter
3rd grade 5 jumping
1st grade 5 agility (this was an unaffiliated show)
1st grade 5 agility
1st grade 5 agility
1st grade 5 jumping
7th grade 5-7 helter skelter
1st grade 5 agility
10th grade 5 agility
5th grade 4-7 helter skelter

2009 Highlights


2008 Highlights

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