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18th May Gone trialing

Last week I went to four and a half days of hill trials in the Borders. Bearing in mind Ffi and Mist have been off work for several months now, they are not at all fit. I spent about 20 mins each evening for ten days before we went away, schooling them on my training sheep. It's not something I've done before with them as they are always work fit but needs must!

We packed the van, which can hold around 10 dogs with the necessary equipment for the journey and time away. It's amazing how much space a travel cot, pram and other essentials take up, and my dog van is reduced to holding three dogs (two sharing!). Obviously Ffi and Mist had to come and I decided it would do Ffi's daughter Evie good to come along for the ride. It did - save one moment where she accidentally jumped into a river then panicked and nearly drowned herself. Don't think she'll make that mistake again!

Both Ffi and Mist are in fine form and were 5th in the first two trials we ran in. Unfortunately that was the only time we got in the prize list due to me making stupid mistakes. However I was so pleased with how well they are running I didn't really mind. Apparently 10 days of training is exactly what Mist needs to get into pacing trial mode, so she will be getting more of that before the next trial we go to too! Ffi was her usual perfect self, and got several comments about how fit she looks. She definitely isn't fit and is 9 this year, so it shows how hard she was trying I think.

Photos below taken by Kim Gibson.

Actually I took this photo of Mist practicing being a soft landing for a recently walking baby! She didn't mind although put her ears back when she realised I was taking her picture!

Mist driving

Drive gate, Mist accelerating for a tightish turn!

Mist flying - actually she is jumping a drain you can't really see in the photo but is there, honestly!

Ffi driving

Drive gates

Ffi accelerating to get a good turn. This ground is very very steep.

Beautiful Ffi.

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