June 09

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25th June Yellow Peril

I have always slightly liked the idea of trying a kelpie, however I dislike excitable barking type dogs so never actually thought they are for me. However, when one turned up on my door step bred from an imported bitch from Oz, it seemed if I was ever going to try one this could be a good time. It helped that she seemed a calm kelpie... She didn't start the springing in the air like a kangaroo for a few days, but happily she doesn't bark while she does it.

27th June Roo

Meet Roo. He is the most unusual and rare Border Collie I've ever owned - he can say his own name! Yes, all the way home he shouted ROO ROO ROO! What's even more amazing, is that he was called Roo, before we discovered this talent. Oh yes, and he is an ISDS reg ee red, which is pretty unusual as well ;-) Roo is co-owned with my friend Natalie, and will be living at Corrie Dhu for the moment.

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