July 09

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9th July Great dogs

Oh I am so lucky with Ffion and Mist. I dread the day they retire, they are very special.

The other day I had to go and gather some of my work sheep, as my colleague was unable to get them out a very thick rushy field.

I sent Ffi to the right, and then Mist to the left to fox the cheeky shetlands who had been giving everyone the run around.

We got them to the gate without much trouble, however then the problems started.

As with nearly all farm gates, it's hung the wrong way round so the sheep have to go round it to go through it. Unfortunately this meant they had to go into the rushes below:

If you look carefully you can see Mist in position to stop them.

Sadly that didn't work and they took off back through the rushes with Ffi and Mist in hot pursuit. Most dogs would never manage to get round them (the rushes are too dense fora person to walk through). Not only do they have to fight their way through the rushes, they have to pass the sheep which are on the narrow rabbit run tracks which gives them a head start, and, the sheep are shetlands which means they are very fast and very cunning!

Mist came back fairly quickly with a handful of sheep, however Ffi took longer. When she appeared, she had every single sheep in front of her. What a dog!

Mist's stragglers


Ffi's stragglers.

The next problem was we had to get them onto a field which had been unable to be ploughed so had instead been trogged (think that's the way it's spelt but not sure) which meant it was really rough.


Ffi is out of sight kepping on the right and Mist is pushing them forward. I am slogging along behind!

Heading for the sheep trailer.

Putting on the pressure.


Making sure...

11th July The Yelpie/Kangaroo

Tess has been here a couple of months now however I haven't done much with her as she was quite immature. Today I had the training bug so took her out and giving her some time to grow up has worked. She is now switched on to sheep. This is a video I took on my phone so not brilliant but you get the idea. As my friend said, she just looks like a collie (well rather balder and yellower!).

Video now split in half as it was too big. It has not be edited (obviously!).

16th July A MoleKim 

Below is Nidderdale Taff, son of CorrieDhu Mole.


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