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1st September Where does time go? 

Not sure where the year has gone so far! Missed writing about the National so I will briefly say I got finished with Mist, but she was pushing on like a train. Ffion was running fantastically well until it all fell apart at the drive gates. My nerves, her age, I don't know, but it was a bit disappointing!!!

Last weekend we had two trials, got finished with Mist on very difficult Mules on the Saturday but got the heave ho with Ffi as there was a standard by the time I ran her. On the Sunday we faired slightly better and although the sheep were worse and the weather even worse than the day before I had as good as run as could be expected at this trial and was 3rd with Mist and 5th with Ffi. Mist had the better sheep (unusually!) and Ffi had to work her socks off with her packet. She is going fantastically well!

The weather was a bit dreich for good photos. Mist on the cross drive.

This weekend was another trial and I had a good run with Mist until someone told me the "fetch" was not straight down the field as I had brought them, but on a strange angle round the edge of some rushes, aparently because there was no way you could bring them straight down the field as it was flooded. Hmm, obviously I missed the fact Mist and her four stroppy texels swum as they came dead straight most of the way! Armed with the new information about the course I had a more accurate run with Ffi but not good enough to get into the prizes. However couldn't be happier with how they are running as they worked very hard on tricky sheep.

I have been getting Cloud going, she is only 11 months so no great rush but my time is somewhat limited at the moment! I am pleased with her at this stage, she seems to be quite brave and powerful and rather reminds me of her father at this age with a bit more of her mother's natural moves.

Excuse the poor videoing!

Meanwhile, my friends Jurgen and Nathalie who kindly reared Midge for me, came to visit from Germany. With them they brought their dogs, including this handsome lad:

CorrieDhu Fame. (C.Spot x Mist).

I worked Fame a few times on sheep and he is a tough nut to handle but has a lot of things to like about him.

Of course his sister Beth had to come and visit her brother and here she is:

A pretty stunning looking pair even if I do say so myself!

Of course we then had to do some family photos:

Fame and Beth.

Beth and Mist.

How gorgeous are they!

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